Übersicht der Studienkomitees:

SC Beschreibung Österreichisches SC-Mitglied
A1 Rotating Electrical Machines Franz Ramsauer
A2 Transformers Martin Stössl
A3 High Voltage Equipment Georg Brauner
B1 Insulated Cables Peter Mohaupt
B2 Overhead Lines Klemens Reich
B3 Substations Uwe Schichler
B4 HVDC and Power Electronics Alexander Grisenti
B5 Protection and Automation Gernot Druml
C1 System Development and Economics  
C2 System Operation and Control  
C3 System Environmental Performance Christof Sumereder
C4 System Technical Performance Stephan Pack
C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation Udo Bachhiesl
C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation Wolfgang Hribernik
D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques Wojciech Koltunowicz
D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication Herwig Klima

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